Grant Application

Sprig 2019 grant applications are now closed.

The next opportunity to apply for a grant will be in later 2019. Check back here later!

See the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this page or you can email us at if you have any other questions ….

Grant application form appears here when applications are open


What can a RATT grant be used for?

RATT supports the development of young talent in Rugby. As long as the trustees can be satisfied that a grant is contributing meaningfully to the development of talent, you can apply. This might be for training, travel, tuition, equipment, resources, and so on.

How much is available?

Remember that RATT is a very small charity so funds are limited. We are flexible, but a typical grant is £100-£500.

How to I apply?

If you are under 30, live in or near to Rugby Borough, and are able to demonstrate that a RATT grant will help you to develop your skills and talent in music, the arts, sport, academia or entrepreneurship, then complete the online form which will appear (as if by magic) on this page when applications are open.

I have other questions?

You can email us at

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